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Aqara Pushes Matter Firmware Update to January – Review Geek


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In November, Aqara announced that it would add Matter compatibility to its Aqara Hub M2 smart home control center by the end of 2022. However, with New Year’s Eve just a few days away and no update in sight, HomeKit Authority reached out to the company to see if the update would make it on time.

The answer they got from an Aqara representative was that the company delayed the launch until January 2023, citing needs to ensure the customer experience was right. The representatives further told HomeKit Authority that the company would issue details regarding the Matter rollout in due course.

Adding Matter support to the Aqara Hub M2 would make dozens of Zigbee devices compatible with the new smart home standard. The open-source protocol aims to bring all your smart home devices into a single ecosystem. So, you won’t have to use multiple apps and platforms to control various aspects of your smart home. Big names in the smart home industry, like Amazon, Apple, and Google, have agreed to adopt Matter for their smart home devices.

While this delay for the Aqara Hub M2 may be frustrating, it’s worth waiting the extra time to ensure everything works properly. A botched Matter rollout may result in many of your smart home devices ceasing to work, causing unneeded havoc to your life.

Sources: The Verge, Homekit Authority


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