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Britney Spears’ father is preparing for a new trial


Last fall, Britney Spears regained power over her personal life by winning a lawsuit against her father:

Jamie forbade her daughter to marry and have children for 13 years. Litigation appears to be a thing of the past; However, immediately after the star’s wedding, the man again overshadowed her life.

This was reported by TMZ. According to the source, Jamie’s lawyers filed documents in court urging Britney to take drug tests.

Apparently, the singer’s recent comments about her father became the reason for the new actions.

The man’s lawyer claims that Britney is planning to discredit the family in her memoir due to be released in the next few months, so Jamie wants to challenge her daughter’s accusations.

As the star’s father says, he did not force her to be treated in the clinic and allowed her to drink painkillers, while the singer claims the opposite.

He also asks Jimmy to share his daughter’s testimony. In response, Britney’s lawyer Matthew Rosengart said he was going to Louisiana, where the celebrity’s family lives, to deal with her father personally.

In the documents, Jamie demanded Britney sit down for a statement on Instagram and in her upcoming memoirs to charge him.

According to legal documents obtained by The Post, Jamie’s attorney Alex Weingarten wrote that Britney “continues to make public posts on social media based on various factual allegations” and will have to sit down to make her.

Last month, Britney’s attorney, Matthew Rosengart, said in a lawsuit that he needed to “stop hiding”.

Despite his blatantly false claims that he has “nothing to hide” and therefore “nothing to hide,” James B.

In fact, Mr. Spears represents that he will cooperate unconditionally and operate “with complete transparency without conditions,” and has been involved in stoning and stone-throwing for more than six months.


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