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Dell XPS 13 Plus Laptops Are Coming Apart at the Seams – Review Geek


The Dell XPS 13 Plus in black and white colorways

Earlier this year, Dell released the XPS 13 Plus, an ultra-thin, ultra-powerful, ultra-portable laptop to both praise and some skepticism. Now, it seems that skepticism was at least partly justified, as reports are coming in that the laptops are falling apart.

The Verge reports that Dell has confirmed that some OLED models are experiencing issues with the screen detaching from the chassis. In a statement, Dell told The Verge:

“Dell Technologies places the highest priority on the quality of our products. We discovered that some screens on the XPS 13 Plus OLED systems may become loose because of problems with the third-party adhesive used, and we quickly corrected the issue in our production process. Dell is proactively reaching out to customers who may be impacted to replace the screen, ideally before it becomes loose.”

Dell later told The Verge that they suspect a quality control failure is the culprit for the defective machines. The statement comes after weeks of customer reports of hardware issues with the device. And it’s not just detached screens. Users reports indicate that XPS 13 Plus displays may distort colors, shut down unexpectedly, or stop working altogether.

Dell XPS with a malfunctioning screen
u/The_ed17 / Reddit

The most popular example is a mislabeled video recorded by a Best Buy shopper showing a display falling off a laptop model in the store demo area. Other customers have experienced dead displays, color distortion, and loss of touchscreen functionality.

The Dell XPS 13 Plus is still available for purchase via the company’s website.


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