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Driving offence: Hit and run after a crash in New South Wales – Crime

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A truck driver has been charged after he allegedly crashed his
B-double tanker into a traffic light in Melbourne’s CBD and did
not stop to assist at the crash site despite injuring five
pedestrians in the process.

It is reported that around 7pm on Thursday 6th May
2021, Frank Rogers, 64, was driving through the intersection of
City Road and Power Street in Southbank when it is alleged his
truck cut the corner and mounted the footpath, knocking out the
traffic light.

In the process, a group of five people who were standing on the
corner of the intersection, were all severely injured.

Nevertheless, the truck driver simply left the scene and did not
stop to assist at the site of the crash.

Over a dozen emergency vehicles, including police, ambulances
and firefighters, quickly flocked to the area to assist the five
pedestrians, all aged in their 20s and 30s, who were left bleeding
on the ground with injuries to the lower body.

Several bystanders also stopped to assist.

According to a witness, the bang of the collision between the
“giant truck” and the traffic light was so loud that it
emanated a “bomb” going off.

“It was one of the loudest bangs I’ve ever heard,”

witness Daniel Falzon told 9News
, adding he was on his way home
from work at the time.

He said the intersection then fell into complete silence, as if
“someone pressed pause on the whole scene”, all until
screams of shock slashed through the stillness.

“Everything went silent for about five to 10 seconds,”
Mr Falzon said.

“We didn’t know what to do, our brains were just trying
to understand what happened and then we started hearing the

At this point, Mr Falzon ran over to help as many people as he
could, clutching a young female whom he believed was in the most
danger seeing the traffic light on her pelvis.

“Unfortunately for this young female, it was crushing her
pelvis – as the doctor lifted it [the traffic light] up
I’ve picked her up and just put her on my lap, on the side just
to wait for help,” Mr Falzon said.

Police arrested the 64-year-old man from Wyndham Vale, who
detectives say are assisting them with their investigation.


In the aftermath of the incident, the truck driver’s
employer, K&S Group, released a statement saying Mr Rogers was
“unaware” of the crash.

“We’re advised the driver maintains he was unaware of
the incident,” K&S Group managing director and CEO Paul
Sarant said.

“It’s obviously a very serious matter which is being
fully investigated by the police and the company.

“Our thoughts are with the people and the families of those

Mr Rogers has been working for the company for nearly 10

At the time the collision occurred, he was on his way to the
depot to finish his shift.

K&S Group is now undertaking an internal workplace health
and safety investigation of the incident.

Residents Speak Out After Incident with Concerns Over
Safety at Intersection

Since the horrific crash, local residents have expressed serious
concerns over the safety of the infamous intersection, with some
even starting petitions calling for heavy vehicles to be removed
from the “dangerous” road.

One Southbank resident who was at the scene of the crash was
Peter Duras, who said the collision was “horrifying”.

“My stomach just turned, it was just horrifying to see
people lying everywhere, ambulance officers doing their best and
police and fire cars everywhere,” Mr Duras said.

He added that for years the corner had been a concern,
largely because trucks with placarded loads are not permitted to
enter the Domain or Burnley tunnels, and were channelled onto City

“As the area is built up more and more and more highly
developed it’s become a definite concern because you see the
difficulty which some of these vehicles have getting around that
corner,” Mr Duras said.

“This is a high-density residential area so it’s
possibly inevitable that one day this would happen.”

Meanwhile, Janine Patterson, also a local resident who lives
just 100m from the crash site, said the collision was an accident
“waiting to happen”.

“That particular corner had a recent build on it and it
actually decreased the size of footpath available for pedestrians
to stand safely,”
she told ABC News

“The large tankers and heavy vehicles that frequent that
area actually tend to cut that corner, leaving anyone standing
there quite vulnerable to being hit.”

Since the incident, Ms Patterson has started a petition, urging
for safety improvements at the intersection.

She said she heard the crash from inside her apartment and
watched on in terror from her balcony.


Duty to stop and assist after crash
: As a driver, by law, it is
your duty if you are involved in a traffic accident to stop at the
site of the crash and give all necessary assistance within your
ability to any injured persons.

If you are in NSW, under
section 146 of the Road Transport Act 2013
, if you
drive a vehicle on a road that gets involved in a crash causing
either injury or death to another person, and you know or ought
reasonably to know that your vehicle has been involved in an impact
causing such harm or death and you have failed to stop to give
assistance, then you can be found guilty of an
offence of failing to stop and assist after a crash

The offence is taken very seriously with substantial maximum
penalties to match.

These maximum penalties include a fine of $3,300, or 18 months
in jail, or both, for a first-time offence.

An automatic driver licence disqualification period of three
years (or court’s discretionary minimum of 12 months) also
comes into play.

Where the offence is carried out by a second or subsequent
offender, the maximum penalties are even more weighty.

In this case, the maximum penalties jump to a $5,500 fine, or
two years in jail, or, or both.

Here, an automatic driver licence disqualification period of
five years applies (or court’s discretionary minimum of two

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