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Fitbit Charge 5 Update Addresses Battery Drain Bug – Review Geek

An illustration of the Fitbit Charge 5 fitness tracker.

Nearly a full year after its launch, the Fitbit Charge 5 suffers from some odd and annoying bugs. And many of these problems, particularly battery drain and Bluetooth connection dropouts, were first reported in 2021. Now, it seems that Fitbit is addressing these two complaints with a firmware update.

In a new Twitter post, Fitbit Support says that it’s currently rolling a firmware update to address the Charge 5’s battery drain bug. Several users claim that their Charge 5 lasts just a few hours on battery life instead of working for several days.

This update probably tackles Bluetooth dropouts along with the battery drain issue. Last month, Fitbit moderators confirmed that Bluetooth connection errors are a top priority. It’s not uncommon for the Charge 5 to randomly disconnect from phones, which obviously makes the device somewhat unusable.

But Fitbit hasn’t confirmed that this update fixes the Bluetooth bug. And as TechRadar notes, the company first acknowledged the Charge 5’s Bluetooth problem in March. Waiting nearly half a year to fix such a devastating bug doesn’t inspire confidence in users or critics.

Anyway, Fitbit’s firmware support page doesn’t offer any additional information for this update. All we know is that it’s taking a while to roll out. If you’re a Charge 5 user, keep an eye out for an update notice in the Fitbit app.

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