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Four Strategies to Attract and Keep Truck Drivers

Recruiting new talent is crucial to your success. Drivers are wary of companies that do not provide precise details about their position in job descriptions, so it’s imperative to be as transparent as possible in your recruiting efforts. Additionally, social media is an excellent way to connect with fresh talent. 75% of truckers use Facebook daily. If your company isn’t on Facebook, you could miss out on some of the best candidates.

Creating a Company Culture

Creating a company culture that attracts and retains new truck drivers is vital. To attract truckers, companies must give them comfort on and off the job. By enhancing the company culture, companies can attract new truck drivers in 2022. Small gestures such as free lunches, giveaways, and holiday gifts can demonstrate a driver-centric company culture. Employees who are happiest in their work environment will stay in the company for extended periods.

One of the best truck driver recruiting strategies is effective communication is essential for employee retention. If drivers feel that their input is valued and appreciated, they’ll be more engaged. Try running surveys through apps, using the ELD to send messages to drivers, or holding regular meetings to get feedback. Also, always survey drivers before implementing any new incentives, like bonuses. Not all drivers are satisfied with monetary incentives, so it’s essential to understand their overall satisfaction with the company instead of just rewarding the best drivers.

Employers should advertise their company culture and its benefits on social media channels, which is a crucial source of potential candidates. For example, the social media presence of a small carrier can be a distinct advantage over a larger company. This is because small carriers can offer a family atmosphere and flexibility in schedules and routes. In addition, small carriers can showcase happy employees in their advertising materials, increasing their chances of hiring qualified candidates.

Providing a Positive Workplace Experience

Driver retention is an essential aspect of running a successful trucking company. Hiring the right people is key to retaining good drivers. Drivers who fit your company culture will be more loyal and stay for a more extended period. To get the right people, you need to be open and honest with them about their expectations.

Create captivating advertisements that attract and educate prospective applicants. The content should be informative and interruptive. Consider the cost per hire when creating an ad to recruit new drivers. This is a lagging indicator that reflects the cost of hiring.

The benefits offered by trucking companies can help boost recruitment efforts. Not only will these benefits ensure that more people apply for a position, but they will also help with driver retention. Truck drivers have several expenses, including insurance, fuel, and constant truck maintenance. These expenses can be unexpected. To keep them happy, offer benefits to help them cope with the challenges of trucking.

Using Social Media to Recruit

Using social media to recruit and retain truckers is an intelligent strategy to help your company stand out. It would help if you created a robust company profile, posted new job openings, and consistently posted news about the company. If you can provide genuine value to your followers, they will be more likely to apply for jobs with your company. In addition, social media can help you get feedback from current drivers and spread the word about your company culture.

There are many social media platforms to choose from, but you should focus on the ones your target audience uses. This will ensure you are not wasting time on networks that no one uses. Facebook is an excellent place to start, with over 2 billion active users and hundreds of trucking industry-related groups.

One of the biggest challenges facing trucking companies is attracting and retaining truck drivers. Social media allows drivers to engage with company employees, read company blogs, and connect with fellow truckers. This makes it easier for drivers to understand the company culture and hiring requirements. Social media also allows for greater transparency, essential for attracting good candidates.

Using Employee Referral Programs

The trucking industry is becoming more competitive, and companies are increasingly turning to employee referrals to fill open positions. Employee referral programs can help companies retain drivers by providing them with referral bonuses. Some companies are willing to pay up to $20,000 for a new driver, while others offer bonuses that are paid over a shorter period.

Using employee referral programs for recruiting and retaining truck drivers can improve your company’s overall morale. By offering a referral bonus to drivers who refer others, you can demonstrate your appreciation and value for drivers. This will ensure they stay with your company and help you gain more business.

To make referrals easy, create an easy-to-use referral form that the new driver can fill out. The program should be simple to use and easy to promote. It would help if you made it easy for a driver to participate while being transparent with compensation and perks. Create an app for new drivers to fill out the form from their cell phones. You can also set up a driver referral page in your company’s ATS to make the process easier for drivers.

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