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Frontier Launches 5Gbps Fiber Internet Nationwide


You’re more likely to have a good choice regarding fast fiber internet service. Frontier has implemented a 5Gbps plan that works similarly for both uploading and downloading. This plan is available in all of its fiber markets in the US. The company is the first “major” service provider to do this. You’ll have to pay $155 per month, which is $55 more than the 2Gbps tier and includes installation and a router. But the cost might be worth it if you often download large files or share your data with other heavy users in your home.

Frontier rolls out 5Gbps fiber

To use the extra speed without 10Gbps Ethernet, you’ll need a WiFi 6e router and devices that can work with it, like the Pixel 7 or 2023 MacBook Pro. Frontier says that a 100-minute 8K movie can be downloaded in less than two minutes.

Whether Frontier has the best deal in your area depends on how many other airlines are there. AT&T’s 5Gbps plan costs $180 and has been available for a year. Google Fiber is almost ready to offer 8Gbps for $150, but it only works in a few cities. Frontier could still beat cable companies. In some places, Comcast already offers 6Gbps service, but the price of $300 per month and the fact that upload speeds aren’t the same for everyone make it less useful.

If you thought the price for 2Gbps service was high, the higher price for 5Gbps might not be as exciting. Even so, the launch shows that competition among multi-gig internet providers is heating up. That’s good news for customers because telecoms may offer better service or prices as they compete for your business.


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