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Go Beauty Brings A Fresh Approach To Nature-Meets-Science In Prestige Skincare

Go Beauty is an innovative prestige skincare line of high-impact treatment products that combine the most technologically advanced elements of science and nature without sacrificing safety, non-toxicity, ethics and gentleness. Each multipurpose and thoughtfully curated product was created to diminish the sins of the past by improving radiance and protecting well-aging skin for the on-the-go consumer.

Inspired by 35 years of skincare research and winning innovations from their partners and chemists in South Korea, Go Beauty formulas are developed with sustainably-sourced, ultra-pure and highly effective ingredients around the world including South Korea and regions in Africa. Combining potent botanical and bio-technological ingredients creates a cascade of vital energy for skin cells. Dark spots diminish and skin tones even out, as you reduce the appearance of wrinkles, sagging, and skin damage

“Our mission is to bring you the best our world has to offer in skincare treatments that dramatically repair visible damage and protect your skin from future assault. We will push the limits of scientific advancement without sacrificing safety, non-toxicity, and gentleness. We will cultivate the hidden gems of pure, green nature while protecting our planet,” said Ramina Khachi, Founder of Go Beauty. Combining these elements of science and nature in new ways, we will offer you luxurious skincare that nourishes, restores, and maintains youthful-looking, well-aging skin throughout your life.”

Meet Ramina Khachi, Founder of Go Beauty

As a first-generation immigrant, Ramina saw the United States as a place to chase her dreams. She has worked with countless global brands in health/beauty, food/beverage, lifestyle, financial, technology, and the automotive industry, always focusing on delivering an innovative, next-level brand experience.

With a creative eye and her expertise in the health and beauty space, Ramina is always at the forefront of trends, finding gaps in the market and coming up with new ideas to fill them. Go Beauty is Ramina’s dream come true. She created Go Beauty, a beauty brand that is backed by science, empowered by nature, and tailored to consumer’s on-the-go lifestyles in order to deliver cutting-edge skincare to transform your skin’s relationship with time.

Go Beauty is inspired by Ramina’s love of science and her belief in naturally derived, pure ingredients. Her experience living in both modern cities and rural communities has instilled her belief that the power of science and nature is made stronger when combined. That is why she has set out to create multitasking skin solutions that will make people love the skin they are in.

A successful businesswoman, designer, and mother of two, Ramina is constantly on-the-move, so she created a line of skincare that would keep up with consumer’s needs. That means providing potent skincare that delivers effective damage repair and environmental protection. She is committed to only using pure, sustainable, skin-loving ingredients so you feel confident in your skin AND your skincare.

We sat down with Ramina for an exclusive interview at Beauty Connect West, to learn more about her prestige skincare line…

What is your inspiration behind Go Beauty, and why are clean beauty products with peptides growing in popularity?

My experience of immigrating to the U.S. was a big inspiration. I was able to experience first-hand how powerful not only active technology in modern cities could be, but also the efficacy of pure, nature-derived ingredients in the rural communities I came from. I made it my mission to show how impactful the two can be together in skincare when combined innovatively and effectively. Having worked for years in the health/beauty and food/beverage, my personal passion for science, healthy living and pure ingredients only continued to grow and I made it my goal to develop a line of skincare that was backed by science, empowered by nature but never compromised ethics, the environment and most importantly the relationship we have with our skin. So many of us including myself are always on the move: work, raising a family, traveling… and that doesn’t just impact our overall skin health but the time we have available to address it. The name Go Beauty is really a call to the consumer with an on-the-go lifestyle who needs high-impact, multitasking results in products that won’t take up a lot of their time.

It’s no secret that peptides are crucial in the overall health and appearance of skin, which is why you see them talked about more and more. They do everything from boost moisture retention, improve the appearance of hyperpigmentation and stimulate collagen production to refine lines and boost skin’s elasticity and firmness. We take peptides very seriously and make it a point to use a combination of signal peptides and the renowned Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) – a Nobel Prize-winning polypeptide proven to rejuvenate skin cells and encourage new cell growth for maximum age-defying benefits.

What unique science-backed skin solutions does Go Beauty provide above other brands in the market?

Our partners and chemists in South Korea bring together over 35 years of skincare research and award innovations to blend advanced, scientifically-backed actives with the best botanicals nature has to offer. This includes the regenerative Centella Asiatica, powerful peptides, multiple variations of Hyaluronic Acid and the renowned Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) – a groundbreaking “rewind-time” ingredient that won its creator the Nobel Prize for its innovation. Each of our serums is influenced by Korean ampoules – significantly more potent and concentrated than a traditional serum. Due to the tiny molecule size of ingredients, they penetrate deeper into the skin to better address targeted concerns like premature aging, dark spots, skin dehydration etc. With Go Beauty, you don’t ever have to compromise skin health and consciously sourced ingredients to achieve results – we offer the best of both worlds.

How do you source key nature ingredients from around the world by still ensuring clean, cruelty-free and organic products? 

The clean movement is something we fully support and to us, the exclusion of things like parabens, phthalates, sulfates, formaldehyde, and other ingredients that don’t provide a direct benefit to skin is a consistent thread in each of our products. K-Beauty is well known for its dedication to using pure, natural ingredients and excluding harsh chemicals which is exactly why Go Beauty’s formulas are created by an esteemed group of South Korean chemists – experts in ingredient integrity right down to sourcing and manufacturing practices. Their decades of research and innovative practices ensure our customers are able to enjoy responsible ingredients that repair, fortify and transform their skin without sacrificing safety or ethical beliefs. From concept to execution, there is never animal testing involved, exposure to toxins or ingredient harvesting practices that could negatively impact our communities. To us, protecting the planet is just as important as protecting our skin.

What did you hope to gain from attending Beauty Connect West this year?

Our goal at Beauty Connect was to be able to meet with those who could be synergistic partners in distribution and/or finance. I’m always looking for inspiration on how we can take Go Beauty to the next level both in new product offerings and sustainability efforts. Beauty is such a collaborative space and the opportunity to continue learning and growing together is invaluable to me. 

How has the journey of Go Beauty gone so far? What are you currently investing the funds into?

The future is bright! I’m very excited about the (5) products we have already created and what we’re looking to bring to the table in the future. Our current investment funds have gone into sourcing, creating, and producing our current core products to be of the highest quality formulas nature and modern technology can offer (which I believe we’ve done!) as well as investing in inventory to accommodate our retail channel initiatives with Lord & Taylor and GlossWire which launched this month (November 2022) and Amazon Luxury launching by end of year. We’re also investing in further developing our e-commerce platform to serve as a knowledge-based resource for our customers. 

Do you have any exciting company social impact to share upcoming for Go Beauty?

100% recyclable packaging was our first step in making an environmental impact and I’m always looking for opportunities to partner with organizations that empower female-led small businesses and women overall. We’re currently exploring these avenues and look forward to partnering very soon.

If you could be on any retailer’s shelves, which one would you choose and why?

For me personally and for Go Beauty as a brand, I’m always looking for retail partners that align with the same quality we stand for. This doesn’t just apply to prestige products and retailers but practices, culture and social impact goals.


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