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Goodyear’s Special EV Tires Now Fit More Vehicles – Review Geek

Goodyear EV tires

In 2021, Goodyear released its ElectricDrive GT tires, its first replacement EV tire lineup for North America. And while that doesn’t sound too exciting, electric vehicles use special tires, making replacements a challenge.

With the continued growth of electric vehicles, Goodyear is back and announced it’ll start offering a new all-season EV tire option and more sizes to fit most EVs available stateside.

Electric cars are nearly silent on the roads, and you’ll want equally quiet tires so you don’t hear any road noise. Additionally, EVs have more power and torque and can get rather heavy, which is why Goodyear says EVs could wear out regular car tires up to 30% faster.

As a result, Goodyear released its ElectricDrive GT tires explicitly designed for EVs. However, the available tire sizes only catered to Tesla, but this week the company announced a huge upgrade to its EV tire lineup.

Now, Goodyear has its high-end ElectricDrive GT in multiple sizes, and the new ElectricDrive all-season tire is available in 215/50R17 95V XL and 215/55R17 94V SL, packing a decent 60,000-mile tread warranty.

Goodyear’s new EV tires work with cars from Tesla, Nissan, Chevy, and several other EV crossovers, sedans, and SUVs, thanks to offering several tire sizes.

Basically, you don’t want to put regular old tires on your EV, and with the cold winter months coming, some may be considering a switch to all-season or winter tires. If so, take a look at the latest options from Goodyear.

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