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Google Finally Shares a Pixel Watch Teaser Video – Review Geek

A close-up of the Pixel Watch with a green wrist band.

After sharing its bizarre Pixel 7 teaser last week, Google is back with a preview video for the Pixel Watch. This is our first close-up look at the Pixel Watch, which launches on October 6th during the Made By Google event.

The teaser video confirms a few aspects of the Pixel Watch’s design. It shows that the watch is Skittles-shaped, with curved glass and a similarly-curved backside. It also has a rotating dial (similar to the Apple Watch “Crown”) and a single button.

We also get a good look at the Pixel Watch’s proprietary strap, which seems to connect through a twist-lock mechanism (likely for a cleaner, more futuristic look). And the words “Gorilla Glass” are etched on the Pixel Watch’s backside, though the type of Gorilla Glass used in this watch is unknown.

This video also showcases the Pixel Watch’s Fitbit integration, particularly its Fitbit watch faces. Google previously confirmed that the Pixel Watch works with Fitbit health and exercise tracking, though it hasn’t revealed the full extent of this integration.

The Pixel Watch will launch on October 6th alongside the Pixel 7 smartphone and Pixel Tablet. Leaks suggest that the Pixel Watch will cost more than Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 5.

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