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Google Play Store Offers 10x the Rewards Points for Its Anniversary – Review Geek

The Google Play Store 10th Anniversary banner.

Exactly one decade ago, Google transformed its Android Market into the modern Play Store. And to celebrate this anniversary, Google is offering 10x the Play Points rewards for all purchases. The company is also updating Play Store’s logo, which now matches the color scheme of other Google app logos.

After signing up for the Play Points rewards program, users can earn one Play Point for every dollar they spend on apps or in-game purchases. After you collect 100 Play Points, you can redeem a Play Store credit for $1. You can also use these points to purchase mobile game add-ons at a slight discount.

The new Google Play Store logo, introduced on July 25th of 2022.
The updated Play Store logo. Google

But during this anniversary promotion, users can earn 10 rewards points for every $1 they spend on the Play Store. It’s a killer deal—especially if you’ve had your eye on an expensive mobile app or game. (Just make sure to activate the points booster first!)

Google is also showing off a new Play Store logo, which now uses four solid colors instead of a mess of glassy colors. It’s also slightly more blunt than the previous Play Store logo, which looked sort of like a sail.

We’re not sure when the Google Play Points promotion ends, so I suggest spending your money now. Note that you need to activate the Play Points booster to take advantage of this promotion.

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