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Google’s New Adventure Game Places You in Ancient Mesoamerica – Review Geek

A banner showing the characters from Descent of the Serpent
Google Arts and Culture

The Google Arts and Culture division just launched its first game. Titled Descent of the Serpent, this top-down adventure game takes you back to ancient Mesoamerica, where you must collect artifacts to save the world from a global flood.

This game, which is intended for adults and children, places a heavy emphasis on education. The artifacts and locations you discover are supplemented by real-world photos, fun facts, and other information.

an image of gameplay in Descent of the Serpent
Google Arts and Culture

You can also choose from several characters, who all wear outfits inspired by South American indigenous culture. And notably, Descent of the Serpent was created with help from Mexico’s National Museum of Anthropology.

The gameplay in Descent of the Serpent is similar to a classic Zelda game, with a top-down view and basic controls. Obstacles and enemies are at every corner, though these enemies can only kill you in “Challenge” mode. (They can only stun you in easy mode.)

Descent of the Serpent is free to play on the Google Arts and Culture website. The web-based game works on both desktop and mobile devices, though you can also access it from the Arts and Culture iOS or Android app.

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Source: Google via The Verge

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