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Healthy Eating is All About Balance

A Guide for Eating Healthfully 

Growing up we were introduced to the “eatwell plate” which is divided into four sections labeled fruits, grains, vegetables, and protein. It was to help guide us how to eat a well-balanced healthy meal. But how many of us have actually taken this seriously and absorbed it into our day to day lives since then? I’m here to let you know that it is imperative to have a properly balanced diet in your life and that there are many health benefits in doing so. Those benefits being that it will increase your energy, improve your body function, strengthen your immune system, and prevent weight gain according to Narayana Health

          Below is a guide to get you started on eating a balanced diet… 

  • Eat 3 Meals a Day: Don’t skip out on any meal because it lowers your metabolic rate which can cause weight gain. Have two snacks between the three meals and never skip breakfast because as they say it is the most important meal of the day as it will fuel you for the day’s obstacles. 

  • Simple Meal Prep: Meal prepping can be as simple as you want it to be, try eating more raw vegetables like a salad so you don’t have to cook as much food. Snack on fruits in between meals too. 

  • Don’t Overeat: Eating past your limit can upset your stomach so that you don’t feel your best anymore. Stop eating once you hit your wall or feel full in order to maintain your weight and feeling good. 

  • Stay Hydrated: Constantly have a water bottle on you wherever you go whether that is to the gym, to class, to the store always be drinking as much water as you can. 

  • Remove Fat: When cooking it is best to cut off all the fat from the meat that you’re using. Remove skin from chicken as well as the white fatty parts. Even though people might find those parts to be yummy it is best for your health not to consume it.  

          I hope this found you as a useful guide to eating a properly well-balanced diet and that you’ll take these tips into consideration the next time you are preparing a meal. Hit the link above for more info on this topic if you’re interested or visit The Wildcat Plate

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