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Here’s Why the New Airpods Pro May Fit Your Ear Better – Review Geek

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You might be in luck if you’re hesitant to purchase Apple’s new AirPods Pro because you have narrow ear canals. MacRumors reports that the new model of the wireless earbuds includes an extra small silicone ear tip to alleviate the issue of AirPods not fitting right and falling out of users’ ears.

According to Apple’s website, the second-generation AirPods Pro comes with four pairs of silicone tips, including the new extra-small size. The other three sizes are small, medium, and large. The variety of sizes is meant to provide each person with an acoustic sound seal that enhances the audio quality and keeps the earbuds in place.

People with smaller ear canals may find the extra-small ear tip to solve the problem of loose-fitting AirPods. Often, people don’t realize their ear canals are too narrow for the tips they’re using and interpret AirPods falling out as a sign that the tips they’re using are too small, not too big.

To ensure you’re using the right tip size for your AirPod Pros, Apple has the Ear Tip Fit Test that you can access in iOS’s Bluetooth settings. In just a few seconds, your iPhone can detect whether or now you have the best seal possible and recommend trying a different set of tips if necessary.

Source: MacRumors

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