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How to Make a Fraction in Microsoft Word


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You can automatically format a common fraction using AutoCorrect, or open the Symbols or Character Viewer to pick a fraction to insert. The Equation tool in Word will also let you choose a fraction style and enter specific numerators and denominators.

If you’re creating a school paper, financial report, or another document where you need a fraction, it’s easy to write one in a Microsoft Word doc. In fact, you have a few options for inserting fractions in Word, including using AutoCorrect and inserting symbols and equations.

Write a Fraction Using AutoCorrect

Microsoft Word on both Windows and Mac gives you an option to automatically change common fractions to their symbols like one half and one quarter. Once you enable the AutoCorrect option, simply type the numbers with a forward slash between and you’ll see the fraction convert.


On Windows, open Word and select File > Options. Choose “Proofing” on the left and click “AutoCorrect Options” on the right.

AutoCorrect Option in Word on Windows

Select the AutoFormat As You Type tab and check the box for Fractions With Fraction Character. You can also see an example of how the transformation will look.

AutoFormat Fractions in Word on Windows box checked


To enable AutoCorrect on a Mac computer, open Word and select Word > Preferences from the menu bar. Then, choose “AutoCorrect.”

AutoCorrect options in Word on Mac

Select the AutoFormat As You Type tab and check the box for Fractions With Fraction Character. Like on Windows, you can also see an example of the converted fraction.

AutoFormat Fractions in Word on Mac box checked

Once you enable the AutoCorrect feature for fractions you can type something like 1/2 and have it change to a fraction symbol automatically.

Insert a Fraction Using Symbols

Because the above AutoCorrect feature only works for common fractions, you can use the symbols in Word on Windows or the special characters on Mac for less common ones like two-thirds or three-fifths.


On a Windows computer, place your cursor where you want the fraction in your Word document and go to the Insert tab. Open the Symbols drop-down menu and select “More Symbols.”

More Symbols in the Symbol menu in Word on Windows

In the Symbol window, go to the Symbols tab and pick “Number Forms” in the Subset drop-down list. You’ll then see several uncommon fractions in the section beneath.

Number Forms symbols showing fractions

Double-click the fraction or select it and click “Insert” to place it in your document. Click “Close” to close the Symbol window when you finish.

Fractions in Word on Windows

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The symbols in Word on Mac don’t currently include the Number Forms option. But you can use the Character Viewer or emoji keyboard on Mac to insert uncommon fractions easily.

Press Command+Control+Space, use the globe key on your keyboard, or select Edit > Emoji & Symbols in the menu bar to open the viewer.

Character Viewer on Mac

Enter “Fraction” into the search box at the top of the pop-up window. You’ll then see many fractions to pick from.

Fractions in the Character Viewer

Either click the one you want to place in your cursor’s position or drag the fraction into your Word document where you want it.

Drag a fraction into Word on Mac

Make a Fraction With an Equation

If neither the AutoCorrect options nor the symbols and characters have the fraction you need, you can insert an equation. This feature works the same in Word on both Windows and Mac.

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Head to the Insert tab and select “Equation” in the Symbols section of the ribbon. Either click the button itself or choose “Insert New Equation” in the drop-down menu.

When the equation editor displays in your document, select the Equation tab that shows up with it. Open the Fraction drop-down box and pick a style at the top from the four options.

After the fraction style appears in the equation editor, select each square to enter the numerator and denominator you need.

You can then use the arrow on the right side of the equation editor to change its alignment in the document or move it inline with your text.

Inserting fractions in Microsoft Word is easy once you know about the three methods above. For more, look at how to format superscript or subscript text in Word.


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