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How to Pre-Order the iPhone 14 – Review Geek

iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus in five colors.

It’s time to save big on the new iPhone 14. Nearly all carriers offer the iPhone 14 for free with a qualifying plan and unlimited plan. Plus, Best Buy and Apple have some generous discounts if you can trade in a newer device.

Note that iPhone 14 Plus pre-orders don’t open until October 7th. These pre-order discounts only apply to the standard iPhone 14, the iPhone 14 Pro, and the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Apple: Save Up to $720 Off With Trade-In

Apple's banner for the September 7th "Far Out" event.

Apple offers a pretty straightforward iPhone 14 pre-order discount. If you trade in an eligible device, you could save up to $720 on your order. That’s nearly the full price of a base-model iPhone 14.

Unfortunately, Apple won’t give Android users a big discount. If you can’t trade-in an old iPhone, you may be better off buying the iPhone 14 elsewhere.

Best Buy: Save Up to $1,000

The Best Buy logo on a blue background.
Best Buy

If you don’t have an Unlimited plan with your carrier, Best Buy might give you the biggest iPhone 14 discount. It’s offering up to $1,000 off an iPhone 14 with eligible trade-in and activation.

And to our surprise, Best Buy has a full list of all eligible trade-in devices. You can check this list to see how much money you’ll get with a trade-in. (Best Buy will give you $350 for some very old Galaxy phones, which is interesting.)

Verizon: Unlimited Customers Save Big

Verizon logo

If you’re a Verizon Unlimited customer, you could save up to $1,000 on an iPhone 14. That means you could get the base-model iPhone 14 Pro for free. Verizon even accepts damaged phones for trade-ins, so minor cracks or scratches won’t hold you back too much.

Those who switch to a Verizon Unlimited plan get an additional $200 in billing credits. Plus, Verizon offers $120 toward a smartwatch when you buy the iPhone 14.

I should also note that Verizon has a new plan called “One Unlimited for iPhone.” This unique Unlimited plan comes with a free Apple One subscription. That’s Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, and iCloud+ at no charge.

AT&T: It’s All About the Unlimited Customers

The AT&T logo.

Customers on an AT&T Unlimited plan could save up to $1,000 on the iPhone 14 with an eligible trade-in. That means you could score the base-model iPhone 14 Pro for free. (According to AT&T, you’ll get the $1,000 discount if you trade in a device that’s usually worth $230 or more.)

Unfortunately, AT&T isn’t offering any perks for non-Unlimited customers.

T-Mobile: Save Money With or Without an Unlimited Plan

T-Mobile logo

Of all the major carriers, T-Mobile has the most generous iPhone 14 pre-order discounts. Customers on Magenta MAX can save up to $1,000 with an eligible trade-in. And all other customers can save 50% on their new iPhone 14 when they trade in an older device.

Also, T-Mobile is offering a cool “BOGO $700 off” discount. If you buy an iPhone 14 or iPhone 13, you can get another for $700 off!

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