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How to Save $20 With a Spotify Premium Annual Subscription

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Spotify has four Premium plans to choose from, but they’re all monthly subscriptions. The individual Premium plan costs $9.99 per month, which works out to $120 per year. We’ll show you a trick to get a cheaper annual plan.

Annual subscriptions are great for services that you know you’ll use for a long time. Sadly, Spotify doesn’t offer an annual subscription. They do, however, have 12-month Premium subscription gift cards for $99. There’s nothing stopping you from gifting yourself a 12-month gift card and saving $20 per year.

Note: Spotify Premium gift cards are only good for the individual plan. They can’t be used with Premium Duo, Family, or Student plans.

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You can get a digital 12-month Spotify Premium gift card from Amazon and Best Buy. If you prefer a physical card, you can also purchase one from Amazon and Best Buy retail stores.

Enter information for gift card recipient.

For the digital gift card, you’ll need to enter a recipient email on Amazon before adding it to your cart. Set the “Delivery Date” to “Now.” Best Buy will also ask for an email address for delivery during checkout.

Email with link to gift card.

The digital gift cards arrive via email with a link to the redemption code shortly after purchasing. The physical cards have the redemption code printed on them.

Once you have the code, go to in a web browser. Enter the code in the text box and fill out the rest of the form.

Enter redemption info.

Confirm that you want to use the gift card by clicking “Redeem Code.”

That’s it! You’re all set with Spotify Premium until a year from now. It’s strange that Spotify doesn’t offer an annual plan, yet you can still buy 12-months upfront with a gift card. Take advantage of this little “feature” and save $20! It’s our little secret.

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