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How to Take Screenshots on a Roku the Easy Way


Roku TV screen.

If there’s is a device with a screen somewhere, somebody will want to take a screenshot on it. Most streaming media players for TVs have the ability—such as Android TV. Does that include Roku? Technically yes.

How to Take Screenshots on a Roku the Hard Way

There is an official way to take screenshots on a Roku, but it’s very, very limited. The feature is only intended to be used by developers for taking screenshots to use in their Channel Store listings. It’s only possible to take screenshots of sideloaded apps.

Doing this requires enabling developer settings and connecting to the Roku via IP address in the browser on another device. From there, the screenshot tool is found under the “Utilities” menu. You can take screenshots remotely and save them. It works well, but this is not a solution for regular old screenshots.

How to Take Screenshots on a Roku the Easy Way

Scan Roku TV screen.

Okay, so what if you need to get an image of what’s on your Roku screen? How are you supposed to do that without a feasible screenshot feature? You just have to get a little more creative.

One thing you can do is treat your TV screen like you would a photo or document you need to scan. You can use your smartphone camera and apps such as Google Drive to snap a photo and automatically crop it.

For most cases, that’s going to be perfectly fine. It might not look as nice as a real screenshot, but you’ll get the point across. If it’s not good enough for what you’re doing, there is another option that will require some substantial setup.

A capture card can be used to display the Roku interface on your PC, which you can then screenshot and even screen record. However, you should know that capture cards aren’t cheap and some need to be installed inside your PC. If that’s something you’re comfortable with, take a look at our capture card buying guide.

Unfortunately, there aren’t great options for taking a screenshot on a Roku. The good news is it’s a streaming media device and you probably won’t need to do it very often.


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