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Ime Udoka’s In Trouble | Defector

We were treated to one of the stranger news breaks in NBA history Wednesday night when ESPN insider Adrian Wojnarowski dusted everyone’s timeline with a very big and very vague piece of information: Celtics head coach Ime Udoka is on the verge of being hit with a hefty suspension for doing … something.

Great! Thank you for all of the details, Woj. While we were all left to linger in this information void for what felt like hours, Woj just kept providing meaningless updates that were seemingly designed as taunts. At one point, he went on SportsCenter to let viewers know, in Shams-ian fashion, that “there is clarity looming.”

Speaking of Shams, here comes some clarity. It looms!

Obviously there’s still a lot more to shake out here, but it seems like the Celtics are really not pleased with the specifics of what Udoka did. Woj’s final dispatch of the night said that the team has discussed suspending Udoka for the entirety of the upcoming season.

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