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Introduction Of Benefits About Customs Recording – Trademark

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The foreign companies often find that there are
exported/imported products from China branded with their
without any authorization from them. In order to
prevent such infringement actions, we usually recommend our clients
recording their
trademark rights /copyrights
with China Customs once we get
registrations, which can greatly help the Customs enforcement of
right/copyright. The benefits about Customs recording

  1. The Customs recording is the pre-condition for China Customs to
    take action against infringement;

  2. The Customs recording helps the Customs to reveal infringing
    goods, excluding those from the registrant’s
    suppliers/distributors. Any unauthorized exportation and
    importation of the suspected infringing goods may be detained by
    Customs. In this way, the registrant’s trademark
    right/copyright can be better protected with the Customs. After
    getting the information, the registrant may also consider cracking
    down on fake products;

  3. The Customs recording will greatly lower the registrant’s
    economic burden by cutting the amount of bail should be paid to the
    Customs when customs action should be taken against infringing

  4. The Customs recording will frighten the infringers;

  5. After recording the registrant’s mark/copyright with China
    Customs, we can add the applicant’s suppliers into the
    authorized users list in the Customs Database. After finishing such
    adding, the authorized suppliers/distributors can export the goods
    with the registrant’s mark without being seized. After the
    termination of cooperation between the registrant and their
    suppliers/distributors, we can also remove them from the authorized
    users list at any time.

The content of this article is intended to provide a general
guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought
about your specific circumstances.

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