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Logitech’s Immersive Meta Quest 2 Headphones Don’t Touch Your Ears – Review Geek

The Logitech Chorus speakers attached to a Meta Quest 2.

Logitech just opened pre-orders for the Chorus, a Meta Quest 2 add-on that toes the line between headphones and speakers. The Chorus attaches to your headset and floats above your ears, promising a more immersive and detailed audio experience without blocking noises from the real world.

If the Logitech Chorus looks familiar, that’s because you’ve seen it before! Both the Valve Index and HP Reverb G2 headsets use similar “floating” speakers. Logitech simply took this speaker design and turned it into an add-on for the Meta Quest 2—an awesome idea, given the popularity of the Valve Index’s speakers.

And to our surprise, the Logitech Chorus looks like it belongs on a Meta Quest 2 headset. It doesn’t look like an add-on! The speaker slots into each side of the Meta Quest 2 headset (even if you use the Elite Strap) and swivels into place. You control speaker volume using the Meta Quest 2’s built-in controls, though you can also mute the Chrous by swiveling each speaker away from your ears.

The Chorus connects to your Meta Quest 2 via USB-C cable. And notably, it has a second USB-C port for passthrough charging. (Unfortunately, this extra USB-C port isn’t compatible with Oculus Link. It’s just for charging your headset while using Logitech Chorus.)

We’re excited to see an innovative new speaker arrive for the Meta Quest 2. If it’s designed correctly, the Chorus should provide an immersive and comfortable VR audio experience. It should also keep you aware of your surroundings while using the Meta Quest 2, though traditional headphones are a better choice in a noisy room.

Pre-orders for the Logitech Chorus are available today at the Logitech store (and eventually, Amazon). The speaker costs $100, which seems like a reasonable price, assuming it sounds good.

Logitech Chorus

Experience deeper immersion with the Logitech Chorus speakers. They attach to your Meta Quest 2 headset and provide detailed, open audio.

Source: Logitech

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