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Coming off of a fantastic weekend, we now turn our attention to much needed rain returning to New England! You’ll see and feel the moisture this morning, but not in form of rain. Humidity has come up significantly from the weekend and some of us are seeing fog, that’s the higher moisture moving in. Rain will move in around lunch time and continue on and off through dinner time tonight. So while it’s not raining this morning, take the umbrella as you’ll likely need it heading home.

Temperatures will be cooler today with the clouds and showers but with the higher humidity, it’s not really a refreshing cooler as the air will be pretty thick.

We’ll get another round of rain that comes in on Tuesday. Tuesday morning will start off dry with showers and even a few rumbles of thunder possible Tuesday afternoon/evening.

Rainfall totals between Monday and Tuesday combined will end up between .5″ and 1″. Most likely closer to the .5″ mark, though if you happen to manage a few heavier pockets of rain or thunderstorms, some towns will pick up closer to 1″. The only areas that will likely see .25″ or so will be the South Coast, Cape, and Islands.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen this sort of rain in Boston. In fact, the last time we saw .25″ or more of rain in a given day was nearly 2 months ago in Boston!

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