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Mustang Mach-E to Get Hands-Free Lane Changing in New Update – Review Geek

Ford self-driving bluecruise

Ford is gearing up to release its latest BlueCruise 1.2 software update, delivering new driver-assist features like automatic lane changing to its Mustang Mach-E and more. Additionally, it’ll be available for the Lincoln ActiveGlide hands-free driving experience.

The Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS) team at Ford confirmed the new set of features would arrive first with the Mach-E later this fall, then eventually other vehicles from Lincoln along with the F-150 Lightning.

The BlueCruise 1.2 software will arrive as an over-the-air software update, adding several notable new features. First, the new “Lane change assist” will perform lane changes automatically using an array of cameras, sensors, and software, even when the driver doesn’t have their hands on the steering wheel. Tap the turn signal stalk, and the vehicle will automatically change lanes safely. Furthermore, the software may suggest lane changes when other lanes have faster-moving traffic.

Additionally, drivers will enjoy “in-lane repositioning,” like staying in the lines easily or moving closer to the outside lines while passing a semi. Then a new “predictive speed assist” can automatically slow the vehicle down in hands-free mode while taking sharp turns or in other scenarios where a human driver would typically reduce speeds.

It’s worth noting that the new BlueCruise 1.2 release will come standard on the 2023 Mustang Mach-E from the factory, while older models will need to wait for the software update.

For those unaware, the software only works on pre-qualified roads and highways certified by Ford, which spans over 130,000 miles of roadways in North America. Still, this is a helpful upgrade that many drivers can appreciate.

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