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As more and more of us return to the office, it’s a good
time to revisit the passwords you use. It is therefore
timely that the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services,
Health Sector Cybersecurity Coordination Center
recently published
a set of password security suggestions and best practices
. Here
are some of HC3’s key takeaways:

  • Use multi-factor authentication when possible.

  • Use different passwords for different accounts.

  • Make passwords that are hard to guess, but easy to remember.

    • To make passwords easier to remember, use sentences or phrases.
      Example: “pineappleonpizzaistasty”;

    • Hackers will use dictionaries of words and commonly used
      passwords to guess your password. Avoid single words, or a word
      preceded or followed by a single number (e.g., Password1);

    • Do not use passwords that are based on personal information
      that can be easily accessed or guessed (e.g., birthdays,
      children’s or pet’s names, car model, etc.);

    • Length over complexity:

      • The longer a password is, the better. Use the longest password
        or passphrase permissible by each password system.

    • But complexity still matters:

      • To increase complexity, include upper- and lower-case letters,
        numbers, and special characters. Example:

    • Never reveal your passwords to

  • Password management tools, or password vaults, are a great way
    to organize your passwords.

  • Enable “Show Password” where possible.

    • It is unlikely that the person behind you is going to record
      your password data, so there is little

      reason to hide your password as you type. You are more likely to
      make mistakes in typing if

      you cannot see the characters, and mistakenly think you have
      forgotten your password. This

      error leads to potential data exposure every time you need to reset
      your password.

  • Store Securely:

    • Not on a Post-It under your keyboard.


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