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Roku Now Offers Free Local Channels – Review Geek

NBC local news channels in the Roku Channel guide.
Roku, NBCUniversal

The ever-expanding Roku Channel is about to gain eight local news stations, courtesy of NBCUniversal. These stations provide news coverage in “major U.S. markets” like NYC and LA, though they will be available to all Roku users regardless of their location.

For those who missed it, the Roku Channel is a free service that’s pre-installed on Roku devices (and available through the Roku website or app). It hosts a bevy of live TV channels, including news and entertainment.

Here are the local news stations coming to Roku Channel:

  • NBC New York News
  • NBC Los Angeles News
  • NBC Chicago News
  • NBC Philadelphia News
  • NBC Dallas/Fort Worth News
  • NBC Washington, D.C. News
  • NBC Connecticut News
  • NBC South Florida News

Local stations are a “top requested” feature by Roku Channel users, according to a joint press release with NBCUniversal. That’s not much of a surprise, as competitors like Amazon began offering free local TV over a year ago.

We’re not entirely sure when these local stations will go live, but we expect Roku Channel to continue adding local content to its lineup. For what it’s worth, you can access all the free local channels in your area using a single antenna—you don’t need to wait for Roku to get the job done.

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Source: Roku, NBCUniversal

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