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Samsung’s T7 Shield SSD Now Has a Huge Storage Option


Samsung T7 Shield plugged into a MacBook
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The Samsung T7 Shield is one of the best external SSDs around, thanks to its high performance and durable design. The only downside? It just goes up to 2 TB. Now, though, you can get it with a whopping 4 TB of storage.

Samsung has just announced a new 4 TB variant of the T7 Shield SSD, bringing you the same things that make the other variants excellent — including IP65 certification and excellent read/write speeds of up to 1,000 MB/s both ways — with a higher capacity. 4 TB of storage is a strong selling point for an SSD, and combined with the excellent durability, it makes the T7 Shield a more capable external drive.

4 TB lets you store a lot more games in your library, or a lot of videos if you’re into video editing or recording. At this capacity, Samsung says you’re even able to store 12K video. Less than a minute of 12K video is roughly 4 GB, though, so you might not get to store a lot before you run out of storage. But you can take some videos around with you with this drive if your main storage won’t allow it.

The 4 TB Samsung T7 Shield comes with three years of warranty service, but it will cost you $430 (roughly 10 cents per gigabyte). All high-capacity portable SSDs are fairly expensive, especially compared to internal SSDs or external HDDs, so you might as well get one that’s really good quality.

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