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Should You Use an Amazon Echo Dot as an eero Wi-Fi Extender? – Review Geek


The eero 6 router and Amazon Echo Dot 5th gen speaker.
Andrew Heinzman, Hannah Stryker / Review Geek

In late 2022, Amazon rolled out eero Built-In for select Echo Dot smart speakers. This feature lets your Echo pull double-duty as an eero Wi-Fi extender, increasing the wireless coverage in your home without the need for an additional mesh router. But is this feature actually worth using?

Note: This feature is only available in the United States and Canada. It requires a compatible eero router.

Whole-home connectivity is the whole point of Amazon’s eero routers. They’re usually sold in bundles and offer several thousand square feet of coverage—about 1,500 square feet per router node, depending on the model. And because eero hardware is backward compatible, you can use any combination of eero routers in your home, regardless of when they were launched.

If you’re already invested in eero, there’s a good chance that you bought the mesh Wi-Fi kit (as opposed to a standalone eero router). If that’s the case, and your home already has great Wi-Fi coverage, there’s no point in using an Echo speaker as a Wi-Fi extender. You won’t see an improvement in Wi-Fi performance, and in fact, adding too many router nodes to the mix can make things worse.

But let’s say that you have one room—maybe a basement or an office—where the Wi-Fi signal is a bit weak. An Echo Dot may be a low-cost solution to this problem thanks to the eero Built-In functionality. According to Amazon, the Echo Dot can extend your Wi-Fi range by up to 1,000 square feet, which is pretty impressive!

The following products are compatible with eero built-in:

There are just a few drawbacks; Echo speakers only support speeds up to 100Mbps, and they can only connect with 10 devices at a time. And because the Echo is limited to 5Ghz Wi-Fi, it may not work with some smart home devices. (These limitations won’t matter in some homes.)

But should you buy an Echo Dot just for this feature? Well, an Echo Dot costs $50, while a single eero node is $70. I think that eero’s increased speed and range make it a worthwhile investment. That said, if you want the functionality of an Echo Dot speaker (or if you find one on sale), it might be worth using as an eero extender.

If you don’t own an eero router or Echo Dot speaker, you could always buy a bundle that includes the two devices. It’s a great and low-cost option for people who want to improve their Wi-Fi coverage and add some smarts to their home.

I should also note that the Ring Alarm Pro Base Station has a built-in eero Wi-Fi 6 router. If you want to build a home security system and increase your Wi-Fi range, the Ring Alarm Pro bundle might be a smarter investment than a bunch of individual eero nodes or Echo Dot speakers.


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