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Tesla’s Cute Little Key Fob No Longer Comes With Select Vehicles – Review Geek

Tesla keyfob

One of the coolest accessories Tesla offers for its vehicles is going away on select models. We’re talking about the cute little car-shaped key fob the internet loves. According to reports, it’s no longer a standard accessory for all vehicles.

Tesla vehicles come with three types of keys. Tesla’s key fob acts like a physical “key” of sorts, where owners can carry it around similar to keys and access the vehicle. Otherwise, the only way to enter is with the mobile app or a Tesla key card.

Vehicles like the original Model S and Model X have always come with the key fob as standard equipment, meaning every buyer receives one. However, according to Drive Tesla, the company will no longer provide the fob as a standard item starting in July. Keep in mind that this only applies to the Model S and Model X, as Tesla’s newer Model 3/Y will still receive a fob.

The cute little accessory isn’t going away completely, though. Instead, those that buy one of Tesla’s original flagship vehicles will be expected to enter the car with the app or key card. If you’d like to have a Tesla car key fob, it’ll be an extra fee and costs $175 on the Tesla website.

In an internal employee email, Tesla explained that their stats suggest most owners use their mobile device as a key. The key fob isn’t used much and will no longer be offered as standard equipment to cut down on e-waste.

According to a Tesla Delivery Advisor, the change is effective for deliveries made after July 1, 2022. So, if you still want one, you’ll have to pay up at the Tesla shop.

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