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The Shelf Life Of Your Booster


You May Not Need Another Shot For A Long Time 

As more and more people are receiving their booster shots, a common question seems to be: how long until I need my next shot? Many vaccinations, such as the influenza vaccine, require yearly shots to keep you safe. Will this be the case with the Covid vaccine? 

According to a flurry of new studies, you should not need another shot for at least several months, and possibly even years! Studies suggest that three doses of a Covid vaccine are enough to protect you for a long time. Federal health officials stated they are not going to recommend fourth doses anytime soon.  


The studies that have been conducted show why we should not need another shot anytime soon. To summarize what the research has shown: 

  • Diverse repertoire of antibodies protects against different variants 

  • Specialized immune cells called T Cells are 80% powerful over variants 

  • T Cells are known to last for years 


There are many benefits of receiving your booster shot. Some of these include: 

  • Increased protection for you and loved ones 

  • Ability to protect against variants  

  • Reduces risk of hospitalization and serious illness 

There are many benefits to receiving your booster. Recent research is now showing that if you do receive a booster, you should not need another dose of a Covid vaccine for a very long time. There is still ongoing research about how long you can expect the booster to last, but so far the findings look promising.  

Getting your booster is just one of the many ways you can help keep yourself and your community safe. Health and Wellness offers vaccinations and booster shots, you just need to make an appointment. Do your part in keeping our community safe. 

Have you received your booster? Let us know by emailing us at!  


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