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The story of Shoebert, the ‘seal-ebrity’ of Beverly, is now a book you can keep on your shelf – Boston News, Weather, Sports


BEVERLY, MASS. (WHDH) – Another spotlight shines on Shoebert the seal, known from Beverly, Mass., who will now be getting his own book.

Shoebert had a long stay in Beverly pond, keeping himself in the headlines through September and October as he evaded capture from officials and captured the hearts of Bay Staters with his cute looks. Eventually, he turned himself in to local police, and was released back into the wild through the care of the Mystic Aquarium Rescue Clinic.

Shoebert’s story has inspired Pulitzer Prize-winning Boston photojournalist Stanley Forman and his wife Debbie to craft a children’s book, called “Shoebert’s Great Adventure.”

Forman was missing Shoebert after growing attached to their visits.

“I said to my wife, ‘I really miss Shoebert!’ I mean I was there two or three times a day, only for little ten minutes stays, but just to see what he was doing,” he said.

7NEWS even got a preview of the tale, told from Shoebert’s perspective.

“Well, I went swimming in Beverly Harbor, I saw lots of beautiful fish and decided to follow them,” Forman read from the upcoming book. “There were so many geese and ducks swimming nearby, I wondered if they would play with me.”

Forman said Shoebert was a fan of the crowds, and the seal stayed up longer and longer to say hello.

“At one point I stopped and I’m waving my keys,” Forman said, “just to see, I know it ‘s only in my mind, but he looked at me! He smiled at me.”

“I’d chase a seal every day if I could.”

The book will be available through the online bookstore, and Sweetwater and Company in Beverly Farms.

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