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This $50 Samsung 500 GB SSD Will Speed Up Your Old PC


Samsung SATA SSD
Corbin Davenport / How-To Geek

If your PC is still using a spinning mechanical hard drive as the main drive, upgrading to an SSD can give you a performance boost and extend the life of your PC. Now you can get a 1TB SATA SSD from Samsung at a great price.

The Samsung 870 EVO SSD in the 500 GB capacity is now on sale for $49.99, matching the previous all-time low price (at least on Amazon). It’s one of the best SATA SSDs you can get, with read speeds of up to 560 MB/s and write speeds of around 530 MB/s. For comparison, a spinning hard disk is typically around 80-160 MB/s, while more advanced NVMe SSDs are pushing 3,500MB/s read speeds or higher.

Samsung 870 Evo 500 GB SSD

This is one of the best SATA SSDs available, making it an excellent option for older laptops or desktops without M.2 or NVMe support.

This drive won’t beat speeds from most of the best internal SSDs, especially any NVMe models, but it is much faster and more reliable than any mechanical hard disk. The SATA form factor makes this an excellent choice for upgrading old desktops and laptops, as many machines don’t have the slots or motherboard support for faster M2 or NVMe drives. The upgrade is especially helpful for laptops, as SSDs are completely silent (aside from occasional coil whine), and SSDs are less vulnerable to data loss after drops or tumbles than mechanical drives.

Samsung also has other capacities of the same drive available, in case 500 GB is too much or too little storage. As of the time of writing, the 250 GB version is on sale for $40, but the 1 TB drive is at the standard price of $90.


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