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This App Unlocks the Galaxy Z Flip 4 Cover Screen’s Full Potential – Review Geek

A full app selection in CoverScreen OS.

Samsung’s new Galaxy Z Flip 4 introduces some small changes and improvements, including enhanced cover screen functionality. But it sill doesn’t go all the way. If you want to really treat your Flip 4’s cover screen like a second display, you need CoverScreen OS.

Created by the XDA-recognized developer jagan2, CoverScreen OS lets you use any app without opening the Galaxy Z Flip 4. It was originally developed for Galaxy Z Flip 3, but it now supports Samsung’s latest foldable.

You can choose to display apps from a select drawer in CoverScreen OS, or just browse all of your apps like a madman. Unique gestures let you swap between apps on the fly, and a full on-screen keyboard (or classic T9-styled keyboard) allows you to answer messages or look up information.

Certain apps, such as Instagram, don’t work great on the Z Flip 4 cover display. And in fact, CoverScreen OS has its fair share of problems. But it’s still an incredible tool for those who want to get more out of their Z Flip 4’s cover display.

You can download CoverScreen OS for free on the Galaxy Z Flip 3 or Galaxy Z Flip 4. But several key features, including the ability to hide apps from showing on the cover display, require a monthly fee of $2 or a yearly $15 payment.

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Source: XDA Developers

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