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This New Home EV Charger Could Save You Thousands – Review Geek


Home EV charger adapter

One of the biggest hurdles when switching to an electric vehicle is preparing a home to charge your car. In most cases, installing a home EV charger can cost thousands of dollars and even more if you need to upgrade your equipment and electrical panel.

This week, the technology-focused brand Siemens partnered with a company called ConnectDER to release an affordable new electric vehicle home charging adapter that can be installed in as little as 15 minutes. If the product ends up working as expected, it could not only be a game-changer for the EV market but also save customers big bucks.

If you’ve recently added an EV charger to your home or received a quote for an install, you know how expensive the process can be. Many experts claim that more than 50% of all homes will require upgrades and modifications that could cost upwards of $3,000-$5,000 to get a home ready for an EV charger. Then, you still have to buy the expensive charger itself.

ConnectDER produces meter “collars” that get installed between a home’s electric meter, which every home in the U.S. has, and the meter socket. This essentially creates a plug-and-play setup that completely bypasses your home electric panel.

So, owners can buy the Siemens adapter and install their EV charger directly to the meter collar instead of modifying and upgrading an electric panel. According to Siemens, this will save customers upwards of 60-80% off the overall installation.

Neither Siemens nor ConnectDER have announced any pricing. We have good news, though. In a statement to Electrek, the two said they’re finalizing a price, and “it will be a fraction of the cost of a service panel upgrade or other modifications often needed to make for a charger.”

The partnership will have ConnectDER supplying adapters exclusively for Siemens, which will hopefully be available sometime in early 2023.

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