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This Viral Sushi Making Kit Will Get You The Coolest Lunch Ever – LifeSavvy


Sushi rolls on a plate.

When it comes to meal prepping your lunch, you probably cycle through a few sandwiches and wraps, maybe some soup, and a few salads. But you could bring sushi; no, it won’t cost you a fortune in takeout fees.

A viral sushi-making kit is on sale on Amazon, and it’s far easier to make a roll or two than you’d expect.

Content creator Natasha Swingler (@effectivespaces) showcased the Ailuki Sushi Making Kit on Instagram to the sound of a cool 345,000 likes and climbing. In her video—done in an ASMR style—Swingler uses the kit to make the perfect roll of sushi that’s portable, healthy, and easy to make.

In the video, Swingler shows exactly how the kit works by opening the included sushi bazooka (yes, that’s what it’s really called), filling either side with rice, and using an included tool to make indentions along the center. Then, she places sliced avocado and cucumber on one side and thin strips of smoked salmon on the other before closing the bazooka and locking it in place.

Laying out a piece of nori on a wooden cutting board, she pushes the sushi through the open end of the bazooka and onto the bit of seaweed. Using her hands, she rolls it up perfectly before sealing it with a bit of water. Finally, she cuts the roll into pieces, and voila! An easily packable, simple lunch.

However, Swingler doesn’t showcase just how extensive the kit is. Not only do you get the bazooka, but you also get a bamboo mat, rice paddle and spreader, a sushi knife, rice mold, triangular sushi mold (for a little fun spin), a set of six chopsticks, a chopstick holder, and bamboo sauce plates.  As we said, it’s extensive.

If you’ve been looking for a way to keep your lunches healthy but also have a little fun, this viral sushi-making kit might do the trick.


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