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Tom Brady Tablet Destruction Reportedly Inspires Leaguewide Memo On Tablet Destruction

One week after Tom Brady took out his frustrations with both his poor first-half performance against the Saints and also his job situation (i.e., having to play football, in 2022, for the Bucs), by spiking a tablet on the sideline, ESPN’s Adam Schefter has a bombshell new report: The tablet death toll is thrice as high as we thought it was. The fallout will touch every NFL team.

The report begins, “Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady broke”—and right away you are thinking the next word will be “one” or “a” tablet, but no, it continues (emphasis mine)—”two tablets out of frustration during last Sunday’s victory over the New Orleans Saints, sources told ESPN.” Wow, that’s so many dollars worth of tablets. Clearly Brady did not learn from his mistake, or rather, he learned that it’s cool and fun to destroy tablets. What will this guy do next? The answer: break another tablet. “A third tablet also was stepped on and broken on the Buccaneers’ sideline, sources said, leaving Tampa Bay short of tablets and wide receivers against the Saints,”

Brady joked on his weekly radio appearance with Jim Gray that he needed to improve his form. “Until I get it right, I’m going to keep doing it,” he said. “Obviously with repetition being the key to success, I got to get the perfect tablet slam, which I haven’t gotten yet. Tune in next week to see if it happens.” If you tuned in this week, of course to “see what happens,” what is happening is that the fun is over. Jay Glazer reported on Sunday morning’s Fox pregame show that all 32 teams received a memo warning them of “penalties and significant fines” if players smashed up league-provided electronics.

Here is a good video the NFL can watch for more information on why Brady is doing what he’s doing.

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