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Verizon Prepaid Unlimited Plans Now Include 6 Months of Disney+ – Review Geek


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It seems that Verizon is finally letting prepaid customers in on the fun. The carrier’s Prepaid Unlimited plan now includes six months of Disney+ for free. That’s a $48 value on top of the savings you get with your affordable prepaid plan.

Verzion has a longstanding relationship with Disney. In fact, the carrier offers an entire Disney Streaming Bundle with its postpaid Unlimited plans. This new offer simply brings some of that Disney+ goodness to Prepaid Unlimited users who were previously ineligible for streaming perks.

This offer works even if you have an existing Disney+ account. But when your free six months end, you’ll start getting charged $8 a month for the Disney+ service. (So, set a date on your calendar!)

We hope that this is a sign of things to come. The global economic downturn is forcing people to reevaluate their spending, and prepaid plans, which are really nice these days, offer clear savings with very few compromises. If Verizon and its competitors want to thrive through the next few years, they may need to bolster their prepaid packages with free streaming services and other perks.

The Verizon Prepaid Unlimited plan starts at $50 a month. It includes 5G service (without UWB), plus unlimited data, talk, and text. Those who want UWB support should upgrade to Prepaid Unlimited Plus, which costs $60. with autopay and 10 months of service. Both plans are cancelable at any time and don’t require a credit check. (Note that the pricing here requires autopay and at least 10 months of service.)

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