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Volcon’s New Electric Bike Looks Ready to Slay – Review Geek

Volcon Brat ebike

You might not know much about Volcon Epowersports, a Texas-based company that makes some pretty unique electric motorcycles. However, today the company unveiled its first electric bike, the Volcon Brat, a full suspension fat-tire ebike that looks ready to give Super73 a run for its money.

While the young company’s focus started with off-road electric motorcycles and e-UTVs, it’s now branching out into the world of ebikes. The all-new Volcon Brat is technically considered a moped-style class 2 electric bike and is entirely street legal without a license. That said, it also looks as much like a motorcycle as a pedal bike, and only costs $2,799.

Being a class 2 ebike, the Brat can reach a top speed of around 20 mph with the throttle controller or pedal assist. The company says it’s capable of distances of about 70 miles on a single charge, thanks to the 750-watt motor and 750Wh battery pack mounted on the inside of the frame. Keep in mind that you’ll likely experience a lower range than that, especially if you use higher pedal-assist levels or go full speed.

Additionally, like many ebikes, the company will let owners unlock a fourth “pedal-assist power mode” for off-road use, making the bike capable of going upwards of 28+ mph. For what it’s worth, the Super73-RX has similar claims for legal reasons, and I’ve had mine up to 34mph with ease. That said, the Volcon Brat has a smaller battery, and we’re not sure what the peak wattage output is on its 750w motor.

Considering the price tag, it comes with high-quality components, including hydraulic disc brakes, Shimano gears and components, and a cafe racer-style front headlight. Plus, a color LED display keeps track of battery stats, speeds, mileage, and everything else.

“While our brand was built on the dirt, we have a passion for all things performance, and the Brat meets our expectations. We set out to enter the market with not only a high-performance machine, but a bike that had style as well. The e-Bike market is saturated with lookalike products, and we believe the Brat stands out from the crowd in both looks and performance.”

As you can see, the Volcon Brat is a full suspension fat-tire ebike with an inverted front fork and rear shock, running on the popular 20×4″ tire size. Perhaps the most exciting aspect of the design is the faux gas tank, which is actually a lockable USB-powered storage box. That way, riders can toss a smartphone and keys in a safe spot and recharge their phone while hitting the trails.

This exciting and stylish-looking ebike will surely get some attention. Those interested can reserve one today ahead of the November release date.

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