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‘We were shocked’: Female managers make fairer pay decisions than male counterparts

Women less likely ‘to be selfish’ than men, researchers say

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If you want a fairer pay packet, you have a better chance of getting it with a female manager, according to new research.

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When given the task of deciding how much to compensate employees for a set task, male managers chose to keep more for themselves than their female counterparts, according to the findings of researchers at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

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“Various studies observe that women make more selfless and moral decisions than men,” political economy researcher and the report’s author, Nora Szech, said on Thursday. “However, we were shocked at how drastic the discrepancy was here.”

The study found that both male and female managers took advantage of opportunities to enrich themselves by paying lower wages, when circumstances allowed this. But women were in general less likely “to be selfish” than men and generally awarded about 13 per cent more than managers on average, the research showed.

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