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A refrigerator in a kitchen is perfectly organized with produce, snacks, and meat.
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Keeping your home organized is hard, but your refrigerator might be the most difficult place to keep things straight. You’ve got leftovers, old produce shoved into the back of a drawer, and let’s not talk about that week-old takeout. What could help? Chopsticks.

If you’re having refrigerator organization issues, chopsticks can help make stacking items like to-go boxes, meal preps, and pre-packaged food a bit easier.

Unless you happen to have a matching set of food storage containers, you’ve got several differently-shaped boxes hanging out in your fridge. When this happens, it can be hard to maximize fridge space due to being unable to stack things. That’s where the chopsticks come into play. They can create a base that enables you to stack containers easily when used correctly.

To utilize these common utensil drawer tools, you’ll place them horizontally on top of a container. Then, play with the spacing between them until another container and comfortably rest on the top of the chopsticks. Those wobbly stacks you had before are now perfectly even and stable.

You’ll want to be careful which chopsticks you choose, though. While this organization hack can work with round chopsticks, utensils with flat edges are better. This way, nothing can roll off the stack and destroy your now perfectly organized fridge.

While yes, you could buy matching food storage containers, if you want to save some cash, this is an easy and cheap way to organize your meal prep without buying anything new. Because let’s be honest, we know you have a set of wooden chopsticks from your takeout a few weeks ago stashed in a drawer.

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