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You Can Now Access iFixit’s Entire Catalog Offline – Review Geek


An open MacBook Pro 14-inch (2021 model) with the iFixit logo.

To many people, the internet is an invasive, essential, and ever-present force. But nearly half of the world’s population lacks home or mobile internet access, and even in “developed” nations, the internet is held together by superglue. That’s why iFixit has made the entirety of its guides available offline.

This project was spearheaded by iFixit’s Benoit Beraud, who explains that people can still benefit from iFixit guides even without internet access. Electronics repair is both economically and environmentally sustainable, and in a world that seriously lacks repair manuals or books, offline archives may be the best way to spread iFixit’s vast repository of repair knowledge.

Additionally, an offline version of iFixit ensures preservation. People across the world can store the company’s 44,000 guides on their phone, laptop, USB thumb drive, or other storage device. And each iteration of the offline iFixit repository will be uploaded to the Internet Archive.

In order to make this project manageable, iFixit teamed up with Kiwix. It’s a small company that compresses large websites into small files, which users can read offline using a proprietary application. Kiwix already maintains offline archives for Wikipedia and TED Talk, so iFixit seems like a welcome addition.

Offline archives of iFixit are available at the Kiwix website in 12 languages. Each archive is around 2.5GB in size and contains 44,000 repair guides. Of course, these archives need to be maintained, and iFixit says it will publish an updated version each quarter.

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