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Your Favorite ‘Clone Wars’ Animated Heroes Are Now LEGO Helmets – Review Geek


The Clone Commander Cody LEGO helmet sitting on a stack of books.

It seems that LEGO is finally paying respects to the best Star Wars series. The company just revealed its Captain Rex and Clone Commander Cody helmets. Depicting two of the best heroes from the Clone Wars animated show, these sets are available for pre-order at $70 apiece.

Both LEGO Clone Wars helmets measure about 8 inches tall and feature a small plaque. They also contain a ton of small details, including the tallies on the side of Captain Rex’s helmet and the orange flare at Commander Cody’s chain.

The Captain Rex set contains 854 pieces, while Commander Cody is just 776 pieces. Presumably, Captain Rex requires the extra pieces because he has a Phase II helmet, with the “double-chin” design and all that. Commander Cody’s set uses a simpler Phase I helmet design.

Of course, these sets are fairly small. LEGO tends to offer larger helmets for some of the more well-known Star Wars characters, and we hope that these Clones get the same treatment in the future. For now, you’ll have to manage with smaller busts of your favorite Clones.

The LEGO Captain Rex and Clone Commander Cody helmets are available for pre-order today. They cost $70 apiece, and orders start shipping March 1st.

LEGO Captain Rex Helmet

This 8-inch LEGO bust faithfully recreates Captain Rex’s helmet. It features 854 pieces and comes with a nameplate.

LEGO Clone Commander Cody Helmet

Reminisce on the best Star Wars series with this 8-inch Clone Commander Cody helmet. It includes 766 pieces and a small plaque.

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