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YouTube Has a Fresh New Look and Better Controls


YouTube logo on a solid background color

Even as YouTube has evolved and grown bigger, its design has changed more slowly than you think. However, the site is now rolling out the most significant redesign in recent memory, with a new look that changes dynamically with each video.

Google has announced that YouTube will be getting a redesign across the board, which applies to the web version as well as to the mobile apps. If you frequently use the web version, though, you might have already seen it, as it has been rolling out over the past few weeks. It is, however, rolling out to everyone now.

YouTube’s new design on smartphones. YouTube

This new design is centered on colors. It grabs colors from whatever video you’re watching and applies them to the app’s interface, with action buttons such as the subscribe button and the share button looking like floating pills this time around. This change applies mainly to the dark mode of the app, although the light mode will also employ more colors and be pretty eye-catching on its own.

With this redesign, YouTube is also rolling out a few features on mobile. The first one is pinch-to-zoom, letting you zoom into videos and look at details more closely, and the second one is precise seeking, letting you seek through videos and look at individual frames as you seek. Pinch-to-zoom was already available as a YouTube Premium feature, but now everyone can use it.

These changes will begin rolling out to everyone from today, so keep an eye out for an app update coming soon to your smartphone. Good thing it’s prettier now, since the Premium subscription now costs more.

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