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YouTube TV Now Offers Just the Channels You Actually Want – Review Geek

After years of price hikes, a YouTube TV subscription costs more than a basic cable plan. It’s hard to justify blowing $65 a month on the service. But now, YouTube TV offers individual channels à la carte, without the need for a YouTube TV Base Plan.

This is what we’ve always wanted from YouTube TV. As reported by TechCrunch, subscribers can exit the $65 a month Base Plan and pick from YouTube TV’s 20+ add-on channels instead. And if you decide to go à la carte, you can still use YouTube TV’s unlimited DVR and stream the service on three devices simultaneously.

Admittedly, YouTube TV’s selection of add-on channels is a bit limited. You can’t pick and choose from the Base Plan’s 85 channels, and are instead relegated to some premium services, such as Showtime, Starz, HBO Max, MLB.TV, and NBA League Pass.

Most of these channels are available for individual purchase on Amazon and other services. But for those who would prefer the YouTube TV interface, unlimited DVR, and simultaneous streams on multiple devices, there’s a clear benefit to choosing Google.

Our hope is that YouTube TV will expand its à la carte selection. Ideally, most of the content that requires a YouTube TV Base Plan will eventually become an optional “add-on.”

New YouTube TV subscribers can set up their à la carte (without a Base Plan) when joining the service.  Existing subscribers can remove their Base Plan and select individual channels from their account settings. (Note that you can only set this up on a computer or Android device.)

Source: Google via TechCrunch

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